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PLEASE NOTE - currently on backorder in the USA only until Monday 24th Jan (will update estimate as I know more)

This discounted bundle includes all of our products - 10 unique soaps and our teak soap dish.

1 Black Stout - made from that Irish beer that begins with a G and rhymes with fitness. It has a unique scent of fir, cedarwood, and spice. This is one of our rough soaps and uses oatmeal and volcanic pumice to give exfoliating properties. 

1 Atlantic Pine Tar - this charcoal pine tar soap has a wonderful scent of basil, spearmint, and lavender. The rougher exfoliating properties ensure you get a good scrub but not so much as to hurt. 

1 Cedar Citrus Blast - our last rough soap has wonderful notes of lemon and orange, sitting over a peppermint and cedarwood base. 

 1 Wicklow Falls - this unique soap is actually created from the waters collected from an Irish waterfall. It has a eucalyptus, frankincense, birch, and pine scent and is smooth to use.

1 Galway Bay Rum - our smooth cinnamon & clove-scented soap is always a hit. Perfect in the evening time before bed. 

1 Irish Mountain Rain - this soap is actually made from purified Irish rainwater. We collect it, distill it to purify it and then add it to our wonderfully clean natural ingredients to create this soap. It's also smooth to the feel and has a lemongrass and alpine sage scent to it. 

1 The Good Room - this smooth black pepper and honey soap has a wonderful lather, and a smooth peppery scent with orange top notes.

1 Eucalyptus on Ice - this rough soap is textured with peppermint leaves, volcanic pumice, and our rougher blend of sieved oatmeal. It also features menthol crystals that complement the eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, which sit beautifully over a ylang-ylang base note and feature a touch of lemon on the top. 

1 Dogs Bay Beach - this is our roughest soap textured with volcanic pumice, oatmeal, and also wild Irish carragheen seaweed. The seaweed, combined with the spirulina gives it a marine vibe, which blends nicely with the juniper and black spruce essential oils to create a really natural Irish beach scent. 

1 Ginger Honey Tea - this smooth soap, uses Honey and Barry's Irish Tea as a base, features a ginger base note which is blended with a lime top note to create a unique scent. 

1 Soap Saver Teak Soapdish - made from solid teak, it has a slight angle on it to help the water from your soap drain. Essential if you want your soap to last up to three weeks. 

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Unlike some others out there, we actually cure all our soaps for 4 weeks before shipping them to our fulfillment center in the USA. Yes, this means we will sometimes be out of stock and will grow slower than other brands. However, this means they will be in perfect condition for you to use, and they will last more than 3-4 showers... On average, if cared for, our soaps last two weeks or more.
When cared for


We recommend using our soap saver soapdish to extend the life of your soap. Also, leaving it outside the shower after use will make it last longer.

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If you don't like your soap. For whatever reason, get in touch and we guarantee we will make it right for you. Whether that's via refund or replacement, we will do whatever it takes to ensure YOU are happy. And that's a promise.

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Rochestown, Cork


Bought the whole shebang, only on my first bar but impressed so far


110% recommend this

I found the fragrance amazing , for the first time after a shower I don't have the hint of a smell of sweat from my armpits, the deodorant combined with soap has me smelling and feeling Fantastic, I would 110% recommend this product to everyone!

Boston MA

Lasts longer than Dr. squatch.

I’ve only used about half a bar and I absolutely love it already. It doesn’t dry out my skin and I feel like the scent lasts longer than Dr. squatch.


Different but fantastic

It’s different from all the USA soap brands, smells fantastic

Bartlesville, Oklahoma USA

I absolutely love it recommend it to anyone and everyone

"I love the soap it cleans super well I work in the oil n gas industry and I used to have to spend time aggressively scrubbing myself making my skin dry and raw and not feeling clean with your soap I lather and rinse no scrubbing it's amazing. I for the past 7 years or so have had a lot of trouble with my feet blisters and heat sweat rashes so on .... Since using your soap my feet are completely healed and I have no more issues. All of the sents are amazing This is a super great product and I absolutely love it recommend it to anyone and everyone. I also appreciate the personal touch with your mailing list and customer service. I certainly hope to see your company grow with great success and financial growth for yourself."