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Ginger Lime Tea

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This soap is made from a base of Irish Tea. We brew the tea overnight before using it, to infuse as much of the tea scent into the liquid before soap making. We add honey to create this beautiful brown coloring, and it also contributes to the scent, texture, and lather.

Like all of our soaps, this soap is scented by our unique proprietary blend of essential oils. It has a beautiful top note of lime and bergamot, which sits perfectly on top of a ginger and clove base. The middle notes are barely detectable but blend with the tea perfectly to deliver a soap that not only has a luxurious lather but also a natural, warming scent that you will want to keep smelling.
About: This bar is made in our larger molds and weighs between 5.5-6oz (150-170g). It features our smooth blend of sieved oatmeal and kaolin clay. 

Smells Like: We don't use any fragrance other than essential oils - this soap features a base of ginger essential oil, which combines with tea, honey, and lime to create a perfectly balanced scent. 

Grit: Smooth. 

Ingredients: Irish Tea, Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Sustainable RSPO Palm, Castor), Shea Butter, Honey, Sieved Oatmeal, Essential Oils of Ginger, Black Pepper, Lavender, Clove, Lime, Bergamot, Kaolin Clay, Sea Salt, Titanium Dioxide, Green Mica.
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Unlike some others out there, we actually cure all our soaps for 4 weeks before shipping them to our fulfillment center in the USA. Yes, this means we will sometimes be out of stock and will grow slower than other brands. However, this means they will be in perfect condition for you to use, and they will last more than 3-4 showers... On average, if cared for, our soaps last two weeks or more.
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We recommend using our soap saver soapdish to extend the life of your soap. Also, leaving it outside the shower after use will make it last longer.

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Home Run!

Home run! Tried the Ginger Honey Tea. Great, unique scent. Love it. LikeIt doesn't linger much post shower but its still there somewhat. Can't quite put my finger on which ingredient is hanging around but it smells great. Took a minute for the lather to kick in, but once it did it REALLY kicked in. Most importantly, my skin feels great. Didn't dry me out or irritate me a bit. Well done.

Castro Valley, CA

Great scents!

Great scents! Great lather with minimal effort. Plenty of bang for the buck on this product.



"I was sitting on my couch with my 3 scents of The Black Stuff soaps sniffing them all and deciding which one I wanted to use first. It was either Galway bay rum (which smells AMAZING, probably my favorite), ginger honey tea, or dogs bay beach. The winner was ginger honey tea. Right through the box, this bar has a very sharp, earthy smell… very natural smelling. What I first picked up was the ginger and pepper. I’m not a fan of pepper in soap, to be honest. (It is a common ingredient in a lot of the Black Stuff’s soap.) But I wanted to give this soap a chance. It wasn’t bad, just strong. Definitely spicy. Upon smelling the bar itself outside of the box, I could definitely pick up the lime. As I showered with a washcloth, I feel like when it lathered, the scents “opened up” and I could definitely smell tea leaves, ginger and lime most of all. Very sharp scents. Couldn’t pick up any honey though, but it IS an ingredient. The longer I stayed in the shower, the more I began to like the soap. Nothing about any scents I’m picking up smell fake. Everything about this bar of soap is about as real and natural as I’ve ever experienced. Hard to explain, but it just seemed like I was bathing with a bar plucked from nature. The scent from this soap did not linger after the shower. Remember though, soap is a wash-off product and it’s not “supposed” to linger. However, my bathroom has pleasantly smelled like this soap all day. I really like it. Bottom line- this is a very good soap. Extra points for not irritating my sensitive skin. (That alone will make me a repeat buyer.) And yes, when my VAST soap collection whittles down, this is a brand I will be buying again!"