About Me


My name is John Larkin. I am the founder, chief soap maker, marketer, pick and packer, customer service person and tea maker here at The Black Stuff. 

Yes, I'm a solopreneur. That means I do everything. 😱😱😱

My goal with this brand is to deliver a wonderful product - handmade natural soap - into the hands of as many Irish Americans as possible. I live in Ireland, and create all my soap here before shipping it to the states where I have a fulfilment partner so that you get as soon as possible after you order. 

But don't worry, my brother lives in LA so if you have any issues, you can trust that part of the Larkin family is close by. Which kinda reminds me of the last time I was in the states and was asked if I knew any O'Reillys from Kerry (I don't). 

In Ireland, when we say the Black Stuff - we are referring to that wonderful black Irish stout - Guinness. It represents wholesomeness, honesty, hard work and heritage. All of these things, I wanted to mean something for this brand. This is why I named it The Black Stuff

If you ever have any issues with my products, or just want to say hello - you can email me at john@theblkstuff.com or text me at +353868115899

Thank you for your visit, and I look forward to having you as a customer for many years to come. The soap is 🔥

My family

My Fam on a trip to collect some waterfall water!

doggo lucy

My doggo - Lucy


My Grom